Some Interview from New York

Why do you think art is important for the world, and why is it important for you as an individual artist?

Art is important for the world because it can identify who we are, what we do,  where we come from, when we change and how we live. Art is like a tool to send message and connect to each other. Art is like a sign of tradition and culture in each area. Art is recording the fact of human act, civilisation and revolution in each era such as painting on the caves,  architecture buildings , statues around the world. It can shows how we learn the world around us from different environment. We can know human belief, thought and behavior through art. Art makes people learn more deeply about life, nature and also the world. Without art , the world would not be like nowadays.

For an individual artist, art is important for an artist because art makes artist to know what is a significant purpose to live in this world. Art always stimulate artist to think how they will see the world in thier own way. Artist is like an important path of recording a human history through their art. What they create will show how human see the world in his time. Art makes artist know that they have a duty to offer a new vision and new direction of human being to the world. Artist can use art to change many things especially human view and behaviour that can change the future of the world.